HD Ring Rope Spacers (8) White Made in USA

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Finally, there is an answer to slipping or moving ring rope spacers with these incredible new Pro HD Ring Rope Spacers. The extra thick 2.5” wide seatbelt nylon with high quality, super strength hook-and-loop to attach the ring ropes with absolutely no slipping or movement. To attach, simply fold over the top rope and secure the hook-and-loop closures between all the ropes and attach the bottom under the lowest rope. We guarantee they will stay intact and not slip or move. These Pro HD Ring Rope Spacers help keep the ring ropes from separating during action and enhances the look of your training and competition rings.

  • Constructed from extra thick 2.5” wide nylon
  • Superior hook-and-loop closure for minimal movement
  • Attach by simply folding the closures over the ropes